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  • [01 DEC | 15z – 21z] [RO+HQ] Romanian National Day RFE - Event Date: Wednesday, 1st of December 2021Event Time: 15z – 21zDivisions: RO, HQAirports: Bucharest – Henri Coanda (LROP) Event Description In celebration of the Romanian National Day our division invites you to join a Real Flight Event taking place in the country’s capital, Bucharest.A Real Flight Event is an event where the real world airline schedules of an airport are followed during […]
  • [20 NOV | 12z – 18z] [HQ] Europe Continental Online Day - Europe Continental Online DayThis event is brought to you by the IVAO Events Department. Event Details Event date: Saturday, 20th of November, 2021Event time: 12:00z-18:00zEvent type: Fly-in/Fly-out. The IVAO Events Department is pleased to present the second version of the Europe Continental Online Day. In this series, IVAO members have the opportunity to either fly and/or provide ATC services in […]
  • [18 SEP | 16z – 19z] [SK+RO] Romania – Slovakia Connection - Event Date: Saturday, 18th of September 2021Event Time: 16z – 19zDivisions: SK, ROAirports: Cluj (LRCL), Bucharest (LROP), Košice (LZKZ) Event Description The Slovakian and Romanian divisions invite you to join a TWO TO ONE airbridge event between Cluj, Bucharest and Košice. The following TWO flights will be allowed as part of this event: Cluj (LRCL) to Košice (LZKZ): VFR ONLY Bucharest (LROP) to Košice […]

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