This week, on Friday, December 8th 2017, at 17:00z (19:00LT) we will by flying from  Bucharest Baneasa (LRBS) to Cluj-Napoca (LRCL). 

There is a twist, however, as this group flight will test and/or improve your holding skills.

Upon arrival at LRCL each member must perform a holding pattern of at least 10 minutes.
The possible holding poitns are UXULA, CLJ VOR, AKUPO, AXUTA, or APSAM. Alternatively, one could also hold over TGM VOR or SBI VOR.
The chosen holding points and holding altitudes will be established prior to takeoff so there are no problems. 

The recommended aircraft for this flight are turboprops or mid-size jets. Small props may also be used.

We will meet on the RO-Members channel on TS before the flight at 15:45z or 18:45 LT.
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Don’t forget to report this group flight.
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Upon completion of 10 legs, the pilot will receive a „Pilot Event” award
Upon completion of 15 legs, the pilot will receive a „Great Division User” award.

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