Europe Continental Online Day
This event is brought to you by the IVAO Events Department.

Event Details

Event date: Saturday, 20th of November, 2021
Event time: 12:00z-18:00z
Event type: Fly-in/Fly-out.

The IVAO Events Department is pleased to present the second version of the Europe Continental Online Day. In this series, IVAO members have the opportunity to either fly and/or provide ATC services in a busy environment that simulates real-world procedures.

We invite you to join us on 20th of November 2021 to cover the entire European continent with flights and ATC services!


>> [Add your divisional-only event link here, if you have chosen to make a focus city/airport/region/theme for this event; make sure your divisional event announcement clarifies that it is linked to the European COD]

>> There is one way you can participate in this event as a pilot:
  > #1: IFR/VFR Fly in and/or Fly-out.
         > Pilots are free to choose their destination and departure airport, as long as these are located inside the European continent.
         > You must perform a 1h30min flight (from block to block) between the chosen airports – a pilot may also choose to make multiple flights until this requirement is met.
         > Touch-and-go landings at the same airport are not eligible for this requirement criteria.

>> ATC services:
  > Since this event will take place inside active divisions, we have partnered up with the European Divisions to provide ATC services in this airspace. If you’re a member – or a GCA holder – of these divisions, please refer to their divisional forum.
  > IVAO-AT forum board | IVAO-CH forum board | IVAO-CZ forum board | IVAO-DE forum board | IVAO-ES forum board | IVAO-FR forum board | IVAO-GE forum board | IVAO-GR forum board | IVAO-HR forum board | IVAO-HU forum board | IVAO-IT forum board | IVAO-NL forum board | IVAO-PL forum board | IVAO-PT forum board | IVAO-RO forum board | IVAO-SI forum board | IVAO-SK forum board | IVAO-TR forum board | IVAO-UA forum board | IVAO-XB forum board | IVAO-XN forum board | IVAO-XR forum board | IVAO-XU forum board

>> Non-active divisions:
  > If you want to participate as an ATC at a non-active IVAO division please request your preferred ATC position and let us know your availability by using the IVAO Events Booking System.
  > Please note that all requests are subject to review by the IVAO ATC Operations Department. A final ATC schedule will be released in the link above on the 18th of November.


>> Aeronautical charts for this event’s airspace are listed below:
  > Non-active division charts | IVAO-AT charts | IVAO-CH charts | IVAO-CZ charts | IVAO-DE charts | IVAO-ES charts | IVAO-FR charts | IVAO-GE charts | IVAO-GR charts | IVAO-HR charts | IVAO-HU charts | IVAO-IT charts | IVAO-NL charts | IVAO-PL charts | IVAO-PT charts | IVAO-RO charts | IVAO-SI charts | IVAO-SK charts | IVAO-TR charts | IVAO-UA charts | IVAO-XB charts | IVAO-XN charts | IVAO-XR charts | IVAO-XU charts


>> We are to integrate the IVAO Events Support Award in this event for both Pilots and Controllers, so why not get your engines started or scopes ready and help out making the event a great success!
  > Requirements:
      – Pilots are required to perform, at least, one flight available as described in the Pilots section, in order to be eligible for the point towards the award.
      – Users participating as an ATC have to comply with the events requirements and be online at least during 1 uninterrupted hour in order to be eligible for the point towards the award.

This event is worth 1 point towards your IVAO Events Support Award!

We are looking forward to seeing you online during this event on 20th of November, 2021!