Event Date: Saturday, 4th of May 2019
Event Time: 12z – 21z
Divisions: RO
Airports: Bucharest – Henri Coanda (LROP)

Event Description

The Romanian division invites you to join the Real Flight Event for our country’s largest airport: Henri Coanda International
A Real Flight Event is an event where the real world airline schedules of an airport are followed during the time of event by all the participants.
Take advantage of the full ATC coverage of the Romanian Airspace and come visit our beautiful capital city!

You can find the booking system, as well as a detailed pilot briefing, here.

As a pilot during the event, you are kindly requested to:

> Make sure you have the latest AIRAC!
> Be prepared – have access to charts.
> Note the speed and altitude restrictions on SIDs and STARs.
> Be ready – you may be asked to enter holding patterns, fly headings and speeds.
> Remember – Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.

To be able to control during the event you either have to be a member of the Romanian division with a rating higher than AS3, or hold a GCA rating in our division.

Minimum ATC rating requirements per position:

  • LROP_TWR – AS3

You can book your ATC service for the RFE by clicking here.

We suggest that all pilots use freeware or payware scenery as default sceneries in the flight simulators may be outdated.


LROP – X-Plane


LROP – X-Plane

A good pilot never flies without charts! Be a good pilot!

Romania Charts – AIP

This event is eligible for the RO Pilot and ATC Event Awards as well as the Aviation Celebration Award.

– Each participant will receive one point in our Pilot Event system (of 10 required to obtain the Pilot Event Award) for every flight performed as part of the event. Flights not booked in advance are not eligible!
Please send your PIREP in the reporting system to receive your point for the Pilot Event Award.

– Each participant performing at least 3 hours of ATC service as part of the event will receive one point in our ATC Event system (of 10 required to obtain the ATC Event Award).
Please send your PIREP in the reporting system to receive your point for the ATC Event Award.

– Each participant will receive the Aviation Celebration Award, given that they complete one flight as part of the event.
You do not need to report your flight for this award.

> We are to integrate the IVAO Events HQ Award in this event, so get your wings down here and help out making the event a great success!

This event worth 1 point towards your IVAO HQ Event Award!

– To get the point for the HQE Award you have to either complete a flight as a pilot, or serve a minimum of 3 hours as an ATC.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

RO Events Department