IVAO HQ and IVAO Romania are happy to invite you to celebrate 100 years since the Great Union event
which took place on the 1st of December 1918. The event starts on the 2nd of December 1600Z and ends at 1900Z.
You are invited to fly in/out of any of the selected 3 airports, LROP, LRIA and LRCL
to any other CAPITAL CITY of any other country in the world, flight must be completed. Full ATC services provided.
Come and fly with us!

Pilots flying at this event qualify to receive 1 point for the IVAO Events HQ Awards. You can report your HQ leg here.

All Romanian Airports

Freeware: FS2004FSXP3DX-Plane
Payware: AFLOSIM (FSX-Prepar3D) DAI MEDIA (X-plane)
Freeware: FSX/P3D
Payware: P3D – MLD Scenery
Freeware: X-PlaneFSX/P3D
Payware: AFLOSIM (FS2004-FSX-Prepar3D) AFLOSIM (X-plane)

You can report your flights here for RO celebrations events.
Hope to see you over the Romanian skies!