Guest Controller Approval

As per IVAO R&R 5.1.7, the Romanian division participate to the global Guest Controller Approval program. This means, no other IVAO users than the members of the Romanian division plus the special authorized members (GCA) are allowed to provide ATC services within LRBB FIR.

The distinctive sign of the non Romanian users allowed to provide ATC services within LRBB FIR is the GCA badge on the IVAO personal profile of the user.

    • Pilot PP rating or higher
    • At least 6 month old as ADC. For higher rating there is no age restriction
    • At least 100 ATC logged hours
    • Good standings in home division
    • Good command of English language

NOTE: there is no minimum pilot nor controller rating for the IVAO users speaking Romanian language.


4 steps to GCA:

    1. Check if you meet the above minimum criteria
    2. Send an email to:, cc: specifying your intention, your full name and IVAO ID
    3. Wait to be programmed for a training session
    4. Live practical exam